The creme de la creme of  Collector’s Edition Fixtures. This Metal Plate Flat Bar Merchandiser Scan Hook with J-Hook undertones is seemingly machined in toto from a solid block of metal. Lacking proper test instruments I was unable to ascertain the alloy … Titanium? Molybdenum? Palladium? Platinum? I would have stolen it, but I suspected it had embedded GPS relays and was surrounded by laser trip alarms and motion sensors. Was its development funded by the Military for use in The Pentagon’s Gift Shoppe? Is it a prototype from some aerospace “Skunk Works” for the launch of the International Space Station Gift Shop?  Is it the first of designer fixtures for this year’s incomparably-upscale DuBai Retail Fixture Festival? Unknown. But your chain should be so rich as to be able to afford fixturing of this ilk.

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EPILOG: On the off chance this is mere Aluminum, see “Aluminum Fixture Strength & Cost” for the explanation of why the dimensions are so fat and sassy.

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