Curved Display and Fixtures in Retail

Curved Displays can be unusual and elegant, but might be a challenge for some to manufacture. Nevertheless, many curved designs captured here actually employ standard rectilinear fixtures. Browse by category and title below, visually via Pinterest Board, and return to from time to time to moniter this growing thread.

For Curved Vertical Display Surfaces see…
Loop Hooks on a Curved Surface
Slotwall & Label Strip Both Curve
Curved Grid And Grid Hooks
Corrugated Hook on a Curve
Curved Channel Holds Scan Hooks
Shim’d Straight-Entry Hooks Curve
Curved Hook Array on Slatwall
Curved Shelf on Flat Slatwire

For Curved Shelf Surfaces see…
Under Armour Concave Display
Under Armour Convex Display
Curved Glass EndCap
Curved Endcap and Label Strip
Label Strip on a Curve
Curve Creates Store-in-Store Destination
Curvilinear Cooler Design
Straight Sign for Curved Bin
Perforated Metal Creates Bin

For Curved Bar and Rack configurations…
Round-Cornered Bar Merchandiser
Gently Curved Bar as Clothes Rack
Ikea Pocket Store Curved Rack Decor
Grid Backplate Transforms Display Into Curved Rack

Contrast with round-cornered basket at…
Trouble With Tribbles at WalMart

For all Curved Display Surfaces research aids see…
Curved Display Pinterest Board“ Visual Summary
Curved Display Index Page” for all resources.

Curved Display Pinterest Board on Fixtures Close Up