Caviar Upscale Fishmongering Overall

Caviar Upscale Fishmongering Overall DetailAs former Soviet citizens, my wife and children love, Caviar … me, I’m more of s Sushi person. Though they try to be economical in their choices every once in a while they simply must have a premium offering. I am fairly sure I could not afford the large blue tin that is part of this caviar display. It does however add a upscale note to Fishmonger as profession. And as a “positional good” you might find it actually increases sales and profit. Are you offering seafood delicacies as a part of your overall marketing? Because some find seafood suspect, see the prominent Sanitation Certification as reassurance. As for Beluga Caviar from Chernobyl, you are on your own there. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view.

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