Expandable Wire Tray Size Flexibility

Expandable Wire Tray Size Flexibility

Expandable Wire Tray Size FlexibilityExpandable Wire Tray Size Flexibility allows outfitting whole categories of similar-size items as well as mixed-size arrays while continuing to offer organizing and auto-feed, auto-facing benefits. Here Expandable Wire Trays are used in a situation where offerings are limited, but package sizes vary considerably. This example is from the more limited grocery offerings of a large mass merchandiser. But similar circumstances might be found in a small superette, convenience, drug or other retail channels. Normally you might not plan on displaying any packages sideways, but in a pinch, what the hell. See more diversity in product and package size in the thumbnail. Know that you can customize many tray designs with logo imprinted product stops, built-in label holders, oversize pusher paddles, custom spring tensions and more.

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