FixturesCloseUp Klout Score 7.14.2013

Contact: Tony Kadysewski

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I was pleased to find the Klout Score of the FixturesCloseUp blog continuing to trend upward. July’s score rose to 42, and nearly reaches that of Visual Merchandising and Store Design (45) and Display and Design Ideas Magazine’s (49) online influence. I see I have a bit to go to reach Rick Moss of RetailWire. But all these represent full fledge publications. Susan Waldman, consultant and Branding Columnist at the Washington Post, has a score I will only ever see in my dreams (63). Still it is an achievement for a blog with a staff of only one (me) to even be within shouting distance of any of these information sources. I could score higher if I encouraged more interaction, rather than one-way presentation of information. Maybe I should consider webinars, or contests, or online Fixtures TV? I will leave those for the future. Of course I might also have heightened social influence if I blogged on topics more trendy than humble retail fixtures and point-of-purchase advertising hardware. But at present I am happy as a solitary blogger to be even seen on the same radar screen with the aforementioned.

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