Slatwall Faceout vs Grid Hook on Slatwire

It’s rare to find the same display surface fixtured in two diametrically oppose ways within the same retail location. Here Chrome-plated Tubular Slatwall Faceouts on Slatwire, compete with 90º Tip Single Prong Grid Hooks for outfitting dominance. Though not directly substitutable, there is a great deal of application overlap and cost savings that could be taken advantage of by judicious allocation of fixture use.

Chrome-plated Tubular Slatwall Faceouts are more upscale in appearance, and could carry a heavier load, but that is rarely required of them as a “display” fixture or on Slatwire. The Chrome Plating is not environmentally friendly or cheap. But it sure looks great.

90º Tip Single Prong Grid Hooks can be powdercoated or custom finialed in pleasing and branded ways, but will not carry the heaviest loads of Tubular Faceouts, though Super-Duty versions are available. Powdercoating is eco-friendly and less costly with nearly the same scratch resistance as chrome.

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