Free Pallet With Every Purchase

Free Pallet With Every Purchase

I am a fan of Crate and Barrel, mostly via catalog because there are none in my area. Here the store uses a truckload of pallets that were delivered to the store with the stock as Free Pallet With Every Purchase window dressing. The look is informal as needed for casual merchandise. But I saw more of the Pallet than the items. Still, Visual Merchandising made a run at a display solution with what surely was a limited budget. Pallets can be had free where I come from.

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Free Pallet With Every Purchase” (This Post)
Bushel, Peck and Half-Peck Sales
Stackable Retail Dunnage Racks
Fixturing Zellers of Canada
Pallets Full of Pies
Bakery Runneth Over onto Pallets
Industrial And Rural Merchandising Chic Combine

For Pallet Rack Merchandising by Title…

Truckload Quantity Up-sell
Pallet Rack Safe Guard
4-Pack For Pallet Rack
No Peeking Until The Holiday Pallet Warning
Shelf Divider Mounts on Slatwall
Multi-Lug Tray for Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack Sign Direct-Mounts
PVC Quiver is DIY Fixture for Pallet Rack
Bottom-Mount Pallet Rack Label
Pallet Rack Merchandiser Mount
Perforated Pallet Rack Overlay
Magnetic Pallet Rack Talker
Pallet Rack Talkers Create Master Sign
Pallet-Rack-Specific Literature Holder
Pick Card Pouch for Pallet Rack

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