Clothes Hanger Taxonomy Wall Display - Getting the hang of it at Merci, Paris Main

Images Courtesy of and Mercie, Paris , France

Consider this Clothes Hanger Taxonomy Wall Display and never limit your horizons no matter what your specialty. Here you can see that even if selling housewares specialties like clothes hangers, the sky is the limit regarding creative offerings and display. Many “commodity” products (Potato Chips) create new markets for themselves rolling our new levels of “crunch” and “flavor,” package design and image each year. Surely you can find a way like this to spice up those clothes hanger offerings? Back-to-school, Spring and Fall housecleaning, and pre-winter wardrobe rollout seems to be the prime season for clothes hanger sales. Make sure you are ready . CLICK the alternate images for closer views. Many thanks to and Mercie, Paris , France

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