Necktie Ruff Doubles Tie Sales - Katherine Necktie Ruff in Pink Schoolyard by lilianasterfield

Katherine Necktie Ruff in Pink Schoolyard by Lilian Asterfield

Necktie Ruff Doubles Tie SalesIf neckties sales aren’t what they should be, consider broadening the market with a Necktie Ruff Doubles Tie Sales strategy for women. Display can be flat as shown or adorning a mannequin or dress form. You might even sell matched sets of men’s neckties with women’s neck ruffs. Of course that might just knock the bottom out of the women’s scarf market, so merchandise with care. This concept the work of Lilian Asterfield from The Original Upcycled Necktie Collection. In case you wonder, a dress snap is provided at the knot for easy closure and wear. No knot tying skills necessary. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate or see more at Etsy.

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