Straight Entry Display and Scan Loop Hooks

Straight Entry Loop Hook Backplates CloseUpA rare comparison: two different weight-class Straight Entry Loop Hooks with optional Scan Arm capability in close proximity. Straight Entry Loop Hooks are less frequently seen than Straight Entry Single Prong Display Hooks, or Straight-Entry Scan Hooks. Even more rare is the capability of adding Scan and Sign Holder Arms right in place in the field as a retro-fit. These Scan Arms are industry standard FISH Tip configuration, accepting Label Holders, Sign Holders, Label Strip and Sign Strips. The Three-Lug Backplate adds more support and greater load bearing capability relative to the narrower and more common Two-Lug Backplate, and employs heavier gauge Loop Hook frontwire. The Scan Arm is common to both. CLICK the thumbnail for a better look at the Backplate designs.

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