Mad Hatter Teapot Spout Guard

Mad Hatter Teapot Spout Guard

Mad Hatter Teapot Spout GuardThis Mad Hatter’s Teapot is nevertheless offered with the latest in retail protections and safety accessories with this Mad Hatter Teapot Spout Guard. Note the clear plastic Spout Guard, one assumes, to insure no shopper is impaled and unwanted vermin can’t make a home in during display. The checkerboard design drew me initially, but then the Spout Guard spoke to the fixture fanatic in me. In truth it is probably to prevent chipping of the custom porcelain creation and I am just not used to the precautions required for heirloom quality Lewis Carroll kitchenware. CLICK the Mad Hatter Teapot Spout Guard thumbnail for a closeup of the Spout Guard.

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