Half-Height Brochure Holder

Half-Height Brochure Holder

Half-Height Brochure HolderA heretofore unseen Perpendicular-Mount Half-Height Brochure Holder for short literature measuring roughly 8-1/2 x 5-1/5 (Full Size in this orientation would be 8-1/2 x 11). The brochures fit perfectly, though I might have printed the cover title just a tad lower for better impact and visibility. Since this holder does not extend far from the Gondola Upright, it’s best use is among short hooks, shallow depth displays, and minimal depth base decking. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup of the backplate and Gondola Upright mount.

EDITORIAL NOTE: I use Half-Height Brochure formats extensively in product support and advertising. They are mailable, can be inserted in magazines, and also function as free-standing collateral like this. Consider the format for your own merchandising. Glue binding eliminates the need for staples if bulk become a problem.

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