Product Differentiation Study

Product Differentiation Study

My initial interest was the fixturing and hanging of the asymmetrical lower package. But there is more going on here than meets the initial eye so why not a full Product Differentiation Study? Both sets are “Value Packs” with tools color-coded similarly. The top offering Full-Size Tools, the bottom Mini-Tools with Travel Bag. The symmetrical arrangement of the Full-Size Tools is designed to contrast all the more with the asymmetry of the Mini’s. But there is just no pleasing me. After all the effort that went into great package design, precise balancing of packaging, and even constant color-coding of tools, it is the price differentiation that I see most. Would you pay $1 more for smaller tools and a cloth bag? CLICK through the gallery of images to consider your purchase carefully from all angles. Pegboard Fixtures are All Wire Flip Front Scanning Hooks.

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