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Fixture Reach Score 41.3

Calculating the Effectiveness of Pinterest in Specialized B2B Social Media.

Surely anyone in retail fixtures or with a brand eyes Pinterest as a possible Social Media tool. Is it worth the effort? You be the judge based upon my findings. FixturesCloseUp uses Pinterest first as a way to provide a visual summary of fixture findings, and secondly to “narrowcast” or “niche market” to the community of users who prefer that channel of use and communication. According to PinPuff Pinterest Ratings, FixturesCloseUp scores a B2B sweet-spot Reach Score of 41.3, an upper range Activity Score of 64, and a predictably low 1.9 Virility Score. Given FixturesCloseUp goals, I am happy with the results. As many as 50 visitors a day to the FixturesCloseUp Blog link out to visual summaries on Pinterest, and a slightly lesser number link back or originate on Pinterest. As a “narrow casting” tool, FixturesCloseUp has 562 followers monitoring new picture posts. As for a low Virility score, it is expected, and even I know that little in pegboard and retail fixtures stirs interest beyond the bounds of the industry. Pegboard Hooks and Label Holders are just not something to write home about or share with your friends on Saturday Night.

Can I recommend Pinterests as a Social Media Channel for other fixturers and component manufacturers? Not unless you already have the images to post from your main Social Media and corporate blog efforts. Also I do not recommend posting your catalog images. Post new fixture uses, unusual redesigns, fixture advice, and odd applications. As a visual summary and search supplement, Pinterest offers an alternative not easily available on the WordPress Blog platform. But Pinterest does not in and of itself drive huge volumes of Retail Fixture traffic.

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