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Screen Capture Coutesy of ThomasNet Industrial Marketer

Those who follow FixturesCloseUp know that it is not only a tool for retail and point-of-purchase fixture and design research, it is an ongoing experiment in Social Media as applied to understanding B2B and Inbound Marketing. As a Marketing Communications professional (read “Adman“) I learn a lot by playing in the Social Media sandbox. It is like having a focus group at my fingertips.

I found this insight from the ThomasNet Industrial Marketer particularly apropos and worth quoting as a more highly respected source than myself. The “Metrics that Matter” in B2B SEO is not necessarily an increase in unique visitors. I am willing to sacrifice gross traffic volume for truly interested visitors. I can get thousands of readers on “Hooks” or even “Pegboard Hooks.” But if I can get readers to consider a posts about “Attached-Back Hooks for Pegboard” and then branch to other specialized posts like Attached-Back Hooks for Slotwall, or Cross-Slotted Display Surfaces, or Straight-Entry Hooks generally, those are the reader metrics I’d prefer. Of course occasionally I have to spice up the topics with design offerings like “Feng Shui for Retailer.” Please pardon that Admen like challenging headlines and “bait and switch.”

Link out to see what ThomasNet says directly on “Metrics that Matter” in the Industrial Marketer. Then branch to the list of posts below for personal insights and reporting about FixturesCloseUp trends.

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