12 Tester Choices In-Store

12 Tester Choices In-Store

Choice is the greatest of all freedoms. And the only thing that can make these choices even better is that they are all free Samplers. Come one, come all and you are sure to find something that pleases via these 12 Tester Choices In-Store. And given the display, you can’t miss seeing and understanding the offer even from a distance.

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Micro Bin Offers Tester

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12 Tester Choices In-Store
Tester “Try Me“ Call to Action
Bulb Atomizer vs Spray Pump Tester
Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler
Fresh Fruit as Perfume Prop
Swarovski Disk is Branded Tester
Micro Bin Offers Tester
Tester Strip Vase and Catch Tray
Small Amenity Details Count
Tester Strip Offer at Shelf Edge
Free Samples, If You Dare!
In-store Champagne Bath Bubbler
Body Wash Test is In-Store
Fashion Forward Sampler
Fashion Forward Generic Sampler.”
Sampler Offers Sloppy Seconds
Rubbing Shoppers Noses In It
Handsome Hand Sampler
Roundtabled Samplers
Painter’s Pallet of Samplers
Try Me Step-and-Repeat
Lash Curler as Objet D’Art
Fragrance Tester Goes Macho

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