Oversize Twist-Lock Push Button Main

Maybe you think this too large for the name Pushbuttton. Maybe you argue that if it “twists” to lock it cant be a “push” operated fixture. If so I challenge you to name the device used to hold signage and such in place on displays. Step through additional images in the gallery below.

Compare directly…
Twist-Lock Butterfly Hook
Twist-Lock Pushbutton” (This Post)

For a reverse-Push-Pin concept see…
Lady Gaga Sunglass Spokesmodel

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Push-Pin Installs Productstop
Universal Pick Card Holder
Multi-Item Shelf-Edge Extender
Shelf Edge Gift Card Holder
Feather-Weight Auto Feed En Masse
Talker for Angled Shelf Face
Top-Mount vs Bottom-Mount Sign

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Push Button - Push Pin Pinterest Board for Fixtures Close Up

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