We all would recycle if we could and if you made it easy for us to do so. And we would all even pre-sort for you if we could. But this offer of waste disposal is a tad confusing. Just what are “Landfill” candidates, and what mix of rubbish goes in which of two “Recycle” bins? Confusing the matter further, various retailers offer different recycling breakdowns, and where I live, even municipalities can choose different recycling streams so as not to overwhelm the recyclables market. So what is an eco-friendly shopper to do? To be fair, one “Recycling” slot does list accepted matter in words and icon, but what to put in the other recycling opening, and what truly goes to the landfill? I would guess organics and food waste, but what else? In defense of this unnamed retailer, they are usually VERY environmentally friendly and sustainable. The chain is named after one of the famous character in either the Star Wars sagas or Battlesstar Galactica. Leave a comment, please,  if you know which.

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