Super Duty Frame Displayer Main

Frame Displayers normally merchandise frames, mirrors, and other oversize items. Here the concept is used to sell large and heavy Socket Sets in the tool department. Standard design Frame Holders would do the job, but a Super-Duty custom design imparts an even greater impression of strength and quality to the merchandise. Good sales psychology if you are trying to brand yourself and command a better price. But also see that dust build-up on the flat metal plate is an eyesore. Open wire designs would automatically shed dust and dirt. CLICK on the gallery below to step through other views. Note that the front productstops can be equal or unequal heights if the item demands. See also that the package graphics mostly avoid being overridden by the frontstops.

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Plastic Frame Displayer Plus
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Frame Displayer Includes Wire Staging
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New Super-Duty Frame Displayer for Tools

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