Adult Content in Retail Warning Sign

Adult Content in Retail Warning Sign

Adult Content in Retail Warning SignLife grows more sophisticated and complex with each passing generation. Now it becomes advisable to post Adult Content in Retail Parental Warnings for mature content at the store entrance. I did see patrons I thought a bit young for the offerings at the far back of the store. But maybe it might be good that they see in public, and have greater opportunity to inquire and investigate than unsubstantiated locker room whispers. Yes there was a bit of giggling heard near the kinkiest of the adult gift merchandise, But the giggling was me.  CLICK the thumbnail for another view.

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Spencer’s Street-Art Storefront

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Adult Content in Retail
No Smoking. Have a Mint Instead!
Return Policy Empowers Sales
You Bought It, You Own It!
Upscale Handle-With-Care Warning
All Sales Very, Very Final
Smoke Ye Not in Uncial Majuscules
No Bike Riding in Store
No Soliciting Unless Thin Mints
Unattended Child Warning
Don’t Bag the Baby
Warning: Not A Baby Wipe
No Grazing … You Big Heifer
No Free Taste Tests
Retail Rules of Engagement
Get Off The Cell Phone, Bai-tch
Warning Door Eats Children
Mall Cops a Phone Call Away
Shoplifters Put On Stern Notice!
Handicapped Store Front Decal

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Not-So-Handicapped Parking
Stupid Parking Prohibited
Parking Signs Employ Agency Creative
Horse and Buggy Parking Only

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Anti-Amenity: Don’t Sit Here.”

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