Stats Courtesy of WordPress an

Stats Courtesy of WordPress an

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WordPress itself recommends short and simple Category and Tag schemes to promote Search Engine Optimization. But what if your readership would benefit from complex Tag systems? In the case of FixturesCloseUp, the goal is to be of service to professional retail and point-of-purchase fixture users, not gain the largest readership of marginally-interested users. Therefore maximizing the ability to research narrow, often multi-word Categories and Tags, takes precedent over broad appeal to mass readership.

In December I judged the almost 2,500 posts of FixturesCloseUp would benefit from a far more complex Tag System and began implementation. True to WordPress advice, while a complex system is of greater value on-site, it created a great deal of turbulence in the normal upward trajectory of readership. December is always an off month for retail readership, with chains and staff embroiled in holiday sales and seasonal changeover. Readership in January 2013 actually benefited impressively from the at-first slow increase in the simplest, broadest, and most popular Tags. But eventually a tipping point was reached, and SEO fell as Tags became so narrow and focused as to penalize response from overly broad search terms. As you can imagine “Square Perforated Metal Vertical Display Surfaces” and “Medieval Merchandising” as well as distinctions like “Umbrella Courtesy Fixtures” vs “Umbrella Merchandising Fixtures” create a system far less popular and searched than simple terms like “Umbrella” alone or  “C-Channel.”

True to the “open” credo of Social Media, I share the insight and direct result of intensely Tagging an already popular site. The plan for FixturesCloseUp is to continue to expand Categories and Tags, as well as Indexes, Pinterest and other coverage, even at the loss of total readership. A research-worthy site is the goal, not popular readership resulting from the search of a term so loose and general as “Display Hook” or “Scan Hook.” In addition, FixturesCloseUp has always been a laboratory for first-hand experimentation within Social Media. So again another reason to, as said by David Farragut …  “Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.”

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