Combining the Diopter Color Code with the Eye Test Chart is a good visual association for reading glass shoppers. You only need to try on a pair and pan your vision to the left to pick the magnification needed for the type size under inspection. Double check the color and diopter strength on the card and voila, you have your glasses. CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look at the PowerWing display, pPlastic Butterfly Hooks and packaging. Note that the gloss varnish on the cards changes the color code just a tad, but probably not enough to nix the correct choice. But do keep in mind for your own implementations in case the items, color modeled, and reproduction methods do make a significant difference.

For general Color Coded Retail by Title…
Color-Coded Prices at Shelf Edge
Color-Coded Pricing Signholder
Color-coded Savings.”
Color-Coded Product and Point-of-Purchase
Color-Coded Back Tags
Odd Label Holder Violates Silhouette
Glass Shelf Overlay Offers Color-Coded Sign
Niche Marketing Pet Umbrellas
In-Store Produce Calendar and Handling Chart
Shopping By Single-Color Numbers

For Color Coded eyewear by Title…
Color-Coded Eye Chart for Retail
Near-sighted not Color Blind
Color-Coding Diopter Strength
Color Code on Butterfly Hook
Foster Grants Color-Coded
Color-Coding Without Color Legend
Plastic Uniweb Butterfly Hook Display

Moving afield from color as a code see…
Bath Ensembles Decoded

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