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Understated in size, small-scale, clip-ons add an upscale spin to high-tone product lines. These items compete based upon name and ultimate benefit not price. So the cost is merely a whisper for reference by interested shoppers. Step through the gallery below for more of a feel for how this looks in its retail boutique environment. I assume these chits are provided pre-priced by the product manufacturer, not priced in-store by the retailer.

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2012 Tiny Label Holder Award

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Product Stop Pricing Chits
Tiny Shelf Edge Micro Flag
3-Way Sign Clip on a Hook
Odd Label Violates Silhouette
2012 Tiny Label Holder Award

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Bulgari Priced in Gold
Swarovski Price Prisms
Square Ring and Bracelet Set
Panty Size in Brushed Stainless

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Prada Valise Self-Display
Subdued Shelf-Edge Micro Flags
2012 Tiny Label Holder Award