Men's Hat Tree Main Overview

Hat Tree’s and Faceouts are normally the province of Women’s Millinery. But that may be changing with the increased popularity of dressier men’s hats. Here is a Hat Tree in a manly configuration and metal finish for more masculine appeal. CLICK through the gallery below for closer views. Know that I would surely crease the hats differently than shown. But maybe these exhibit the latest style with which I am unfamiliar. (See Fedora for limited hat crease insights).

Compare to other Tree designs…
Manly Hat Tree
L’arbre de Chapeau (Hat Tree)”
Rough Cut Wood Hat Tray
Wheeled Hat Tree Cross Sell
Tree’d Hat Trays Go Mobile

Compare finish concept to…
Pure Copper Store Fixtures
Copper Tubing as Store Fixture
Polo Caps on a Pole
Brass or Bronze Fixture Finish
Solid Copper S-Hooks
Rusty Hooks the Retail Rage
Rivet Detail in Retail
Manly Hat Tree
Industrial Chic Iron Pipe Lights
Do-It-Yourself Store Fixture

For cap-related Head Forms and Head Form Cores see…
Under-then-Over Hat Form for Bar
Corrugated Headform Cut-Out
Classic Millinery Faceout
Curved Slot-Mount Cap Displayer
Slatwall Hat Displayer
Frankenstien-Inspired Fixture.”
Animal Cap Show-and-Tell
Wheeled Hat Tree Mobile Cross Sell
L’arbre de Chapeau (Hat Tree)
Winter Mannequin or Winter Merchandise
Winter Cap Gets the Finger.”
Hybrid Helmet Hook

For upscale Cap merchandising…
Kangol Dazzle-Paint Cap and Stand
Colorful Kangol Cap vs Slouch Hat
Kangol Follows FixturesCloseUp Pinterest
Gucci Gangsta Cap Display
Polo Caps on a Pole

For fixtured Headgear by Title see…
Selling Caps Two-at-a-Time
Rough Cut Wood Hat Tray
Hat Ledge Plugs In
Hat Ledge for Slatwall
Hat Ledge for Slot
Built-in Mirror Sells Caps
Slatwall or Tower Hat Tray
J-Hooks Product Stop Caps
Branded Slot-Mount Hat Tray
Slotted Faux Surface for Cap Merchandising.”

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