Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

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Fixture Trends in Realtime

Retail and Point-of-Purchase Interest in Annual Post-Holiday Recovery.

Readership always bounces back after the Christmas Holidays. But this year readers returned with a vengeance. Total page views reached 31,474 and pages-per-visitor averaged nearly 4 each, so it would seem that those arriving have fixture research on their mind and stay a while. The new FixturesCloseUp Index Pages and Fixtures Pinterest Boards each have their own dedicated followers, so whether you just browse randomly, search by keyword, follow a thread via CATEGORIES and TAGS, scan post tiles by Index page or scan visually on Pinterest Boards, there is a research path designed just for you. For insights on serious fixture research see “How to Use.” If you have a suggestion on what would make your research easier, just drop me a line.

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For readers with an interest in fixture trends specifically the latest stats chart shows the annual post Holiday readership bounce for comparison with your own website and business stats. For last month’s commentary on the annual falloff in fixture participation across three years see “December Declines in Fixtures.”

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