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Getting Your Size Right Sign AuxBetter too much size information than not enough. My wife is continually frustrated when purchasing an item for she or I and finding it doesn’t fit well. What is labeled a “Small” fits more like an “Extra Small” or conversely a “Medium.” Any additional clues as to precisely what YOU call a “Small” is a help. I suggest yet one more category of info, since brands generally have a size trend. How about generalizing wether you sizes are “Cut Small” or “Cut Generously” … another explanation why a “Small” may fit like something else. Good sales staff can usually advise. But a sign would be helpful when the associate is busy. CLICK the thumbnail for an overview. NOTE: Wolford is both manufacturer and retailer in this case therefore knows and closely controls size and fit. Guidence in this arena might be much more difficult if you do not make the product yourself.

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