Multi-Item Shelf Extender Width Adjusts

Multi-Item Shelf Extender Width Adjusts

A thumb screw hidden beneath, means this Multi-Item Shelf Extender Width Adjusts to suit the need.  Here it is set to a double-lane product width. See the photo inset for it set to a single facing width, albiet for a wide product. I have heard some store outfitters express concern that the extensions interfere with traffic and are a hazard to passersby. That may be, but I suggest if you use many extenders and shelf edge fixtures, aisle traffic will maintain a distance from the irregular front created. Whether that is good or bad, only you can decide. I just report the sighting of a Multi-Item Shelf Extender Width Adjusts in the field. If you implement, consider Push-Pin to help anchor to the shelf edge. The holes are provided at far right.

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