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Being a Juggler myself I was irresistible drawn to this coin purse display in the windows of Louis Vuitton. Though I must admit that my skill is limited to 3 ball, and double 2-ball combinations. Eight coin purses as seen below goes far, far beyond my capabilities. CLICK the gallery to see from several perspectives. What Vuitton proposes is not possible as a two-handed crossover cascade however, in that the number of items juggled (8 coin purses) plus the number of hands (2) must equal an odd number (which it doesn’t). This juggle is theoretically possible as single-hand combinations where 4 items juggled by a singled hand totals 5. Think you’d like to learn to juggle? You can teach yourself. See “Juggling for the Complete Klutz.” Then call me. I’ve always wanted to team juggle with a second person. (Unreserved and uncompensated Klutz plug)

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