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OtterBox Box Outdoes Itself indeed. If you sell protective enclosures, maybe your own package as an enclosure should say something about you. These Otter Box iPhone Case packages make sure the brand stands out as something special. Not only is the package top concave and the front and back faces bowed, the metal hang tab is unlike anything on the rack or in the store. Need to know who Otter Box is? Just follow the QR Code for reasons why they are not your everyday ordinary case. CLICK the gallery for closeups. I admire all Otter Box offerings but don’t need quite that level of protection. I do like the lightweight portability of the Otter Box Utility Series Latch for iPad, but made it all the better pairing it with a UPstrap shoulder strap. (All testimonials uncompensated). I just wish the two companies would combine their offerings on their own. On a minor fixturing note, see that the lightly stocked display uses ICCs (Inventory Control Clips) to keep single items forwarded and faced.

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