Similar merchandising fixtures have been documented in other posts. But this retail phalanx arrangement of ongoing multiple Faceouts is impressive. The photo and lighting truly do not do it justice. And there were even more Drop Arm Faceouts in the other aisle. This is a popular fixture in this store. Of course you can see that for yourself.

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Phalanx of Drop-Arm Faceouts” (This Post)
Tiered, Drop Arm Faceout
Tiered, Drop-Arm Pegboard Hook
Triple Tier Shelf is Pegboard Hung
Drop-Arm Scan Hook for Pegboard
Drop-Arm Hook is Reinforced

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Elbow Faceout for Bar Turns Right Angle
Elbow Faceout for Grid Turns Right Angle

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All Wire Rack-End S-Hook
S-Hook Squared With Square Corners
S-Hook Squared With Round Corners