Speed Set 1-Pc Straight Entry Hook Main

No one can argue with the simplicity of installation on this One-Piece Straight-Entry Hook. Just slide into the Pegboard Holes and drop down to grip the substrate. As with all Straight Entry hooks it maximizes use of space in tight displays and mounts directly beneath obstructions like overhead shelves. It also allows quick re-arranging and re-merchandising as conditions change. Bottom lugs help the hook resist being jostled from the board. So even though an extremely simple design, it does the job in the correct applications. These were seen in office supply at a FedEx site and were equipped with Flip-front Label Holders. Known for its business acumen, if good enough for FedEx this design might be good enough for you. CLICK the gallery to step through alternate backplate views. There are two competing designs of this hook on the market and I know where you can get both. Drop me a line if this is your dream hook.

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