Dior Brand In-Store Cypher

Dior Brand In-Store Cypher

Dior Brand In-Store CypherI am not prone to excessive display of logos or brand on my clothing. Miniature crocodiles, polo players, and chain-founding-dates do not impress me, nor do I think my wearing them impresses you. But see this Dior Brand In-Store Cypher is actually a famous designer name understated and cryptically conveyed as a visual and intellectual challenge . I truly appreciated this self-branding cypher by Christian Dior.  And with logo’d fixtures and merchandising a thread among my posts, I could not resist straying a bit further by adding this discussion.

The bag, by the way is this season’s hard to get Dior Granville in Cruise Blue. Dior, France, will not ship here … only as far as mainland Britain and Northern Ireland priced in Pounds Sterling. But my wife and I just found an in-store stash in almost all colors here on the East Coast, USA. And the price was cheaper in Dollars than the Sterling conversion in France; Dior’s home. Email or inquire by comment here and we’ll share the location. But hurry. These are sold out almost everywhere. Most come with this gold-finish purse charm, but the black purse’s charm is gunmetal or black rhodium’d silver.

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