Pricing Clothes Hangers Correctly

Pricing Clothes Hangers Correctly

Pricing Clothes Hangers Correctly indeed. Both these offerings are 5 packs. Both seem to be priced $4.99. So why are child-size the same price as adult size Clothes Hangers? (Though materials and labor may well nigh be almost the same.) I would bet money the shopping public would expect and even demand a difference. How would you price these as a store associate? Better yet, as a shopper what price difference would you demand? $1.00? $0.50? Leave a comment. Inquiring minds would want to know. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view.

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NOTE: In fairness to the retailer I think the kids hangers were mislabeled or hung on the wrong hook. But neither seemed to be selling while all surrounding hooks were depleted. It would seem that price was a sticking point when the two were positioned closely.