Hanging Caulk Tube Self-Sells

Hanging Caulk Tube Self-Sells


Hanging Caulk Tube Self-SellsThese tubes not only contain and dispense the caulk, but allow hanging and self-merchandising via a die-cut Butterfly Slot. Of course you could display them in bulk bins, endless basket, trays and any number of other ways. My suggestion for yet another incremental package improvement is to keep the pointed applicator tip, but seal with a broad flat-topped cap … then the tube would then also stand upside-down on the flat cap. Hookery is Metal Backplate, Straight Entry Scan Hooks on a dimpled perforated vertical display surface. These hooks would allow much closer spacing and merchandising density, but I’m sure the wide spacing is for visual appeal. CLICK the Hanging Caulk Tube Self-Sells thumbnail for an overall view.

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Hanging Caulk Tube Self-Sells

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