Corrugated Headform Cut-Out

Corrugated Headform Cut-Out


Corrugated Headform Cut-OutNeed extra display space for Winter headgear? Need that it be inexpensive and not need to be stored from year to year? A Corrugated Headform Cut-Out like this might be the answer. And one assumes shipping is cheap because they arrive KD (Knocked Down) and and slip together for easy in-store assembly. But I can’t imagine corrugated like this surviving the impact of a die-cutting press. If they are scroll-sawed, the hope of low-cost might be only a pipe dream. Still they were very different, made of “natural” material derivatives, and commanded attention. If I come back in the spring, maybe I can pick up a set to store my caps on over the Summer.  CLICK the thumbnail for an overview of the display.

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