Wayfinding: Retail and Otherwise

Wayfinding: Retail and Otherwise

Stepping outside the normal box for retail navigation, the wayfaring signs implemented at the Portland Meadows give a new perspective on visitor guidance. This Wayfinding: Retail and Otherwise concept is that of the Official Manufacturing Company … a design-and-more agency. If your approach would have been different, please see it in the context of a racetrack and betting parlor not boutique. Now scratch your head and see how you could better guide your customers. See the Wayfinding: Retail and Otherwise gallery below to step through various directional situations.

Compare directly to…

Wayfaring or Retailing?
Construction Navigation Signs

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Compare Directories at…

” Bloomingdale’s Hello Store Directory By Department
Macys® Directory Includes Now Hiring Footnote
Nordstrom® Says Hello and Yes, You’re At The Right Place
Neiman Marcus® Directory Guide With Floral Overtones
Televised Store Directory with Advertising

For Escalator and Stair Navigation see…

” Clothes Hanger Art and Stairwell Navigation
No First Floor, Elevator Button Strikethrough
Elevator Directionals Use No Numbers
Wendys® Offers Additional Seating Upstairs in Penthouse
Escalator Out-of-Service: Follow NM Butterflies to Elevator
Hand Painted Pumpkins, Second Floor Please
Warning Stripes Bar Strollers
Wayfinding on an Escalator

For Brand and Merchandise Directionals see…

” Need A Dress Directional Sign Strategy
” Boxed Christmas Trees Directional Sign
” Take-A-Number Queue Ticket Redirect
Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Directional Sign
Gucci Handbags Navigation Directional Sign
Athleisure Store Window Wayfinding
Athleisure Backbend Merchandising
Louis Vuitton Museum Case Navigation
Impulse Buy Navigation: This Way To Level 2

Follow Restroom Navigation aids at…

” Giant Restrooms Provided For Your Convenience
” Restroom Labyrinth Navigation Signs
” Men’s Restroom Out-of-Order Surprise
Oversize Restroom Navigation Sign
” Restroom Remodel Redirect Navigation Sign
” Cintas Got To Go Restroom App Launched
Street Art Restroom Directionals
Restroom Navigation In Aerospace
Mercedes Benz Manhattan C-Channel Restroom Navigation Sign
Restroom Outside, Don’t Need A Key

For other Navigation and Wayfaring posts by title…

” Buy Online, Guest Services Directional Flip Flop
” Oversize Returns Here Directional At Nordstrom
” Target Info Center, Price Check, Store Navigation
” Halloween Booporium Directional Sign
” Halloween Directional Navigation Signs In-Store
” Shop Back-To-School Overhead Entry Signs
” Back-To-School On-To-College Details
” School Shop and College Shop Directional Signs
Stop Sign Redirect To Registers In Cafe
College Shop Back-to-School Sign Directional
School Shop Back-To-School Sign Directional
Spy Museum Lobby Location Map Welcome
Branded Lobby Navigation and Wayfinding Sign
Unbranded Shop Easter Sign Stand At Target
Line Forms Here Down Arrow Directive
Fast Lane Kiosk Service Is Over Here
Next Agent Directional Arrow is Velcro® Mount
Dane Decor® Handicap Entrance is That-A-Way
Where To Find Toilet Seats
Dollar Tree® Round-About Entrance Mall Navigation
Street-Smart Fashion Tableau By Coach®
Reflexology Road Map At The Mall
Shop the Mall Outside The Mall
Mall Walkers Milepost
How To Create Customer Journey Maps
Closet and Storage Retail Directional
Highest Prices Paid Floor Graphic With Navigation
“Fabletics® Horizontal vs Vertical Mall Navigation
Find-It-Faster In-Store Navigation
Bon-Ton® D.I.Y. Stock-Up Floor Graphic
This Way to College Back-to-School
Acura® Stop Sign in Retail
Emergency Exit Sign in Green
Store Navigation Mystery Fixture?
Euro Fixture: Cashwrap Schlagbaum
Home Sale Navigation Hint?
Lord & Taylor Just Ask Door Hanger
Christmas Directions In-Store
Garden Dept Winter Changeover
Wegman’s® App On A Grip Clip
Elevator Wayfaring Sign Holders
Lobby, Elevator and Floor Guides
Call Button Plaque as Floor Plan Sign
Insects as In-Store Navigation Icons
Please Enter At Other End
Brand Downward ownward Directional to Jeans
This Way to IKEA®
Looking for a Lift? Look Here?
Navigation by In-Store App
Witch Way Halloween Directional
Fall-Spring In-Store Directional
Back-to-School Ceiling Directionals
IKEA® In-Store Wayfaring
Moleskine® Store Navigation
Hardware Wayfaring Map
Longitude and Latitude at IKEA®
Newspaper Fall From a Height
Jackson Hewitt® Floor Graphic
Wayfaring on a Shopping Bag
Brush Lettered Navigation
Building Wayfinding in Arabic
All-in-One Store Navigation Oasis
Bi-Lingual Store Guide
Truly Friendly Store Navigation
In Store GPS Alternative
Construction Navigation Signs
Wayfinding: Retail and Otherwise
Wayfaring or Retailing?
How to Handle Product Migration
Queue Control vs Flu Control
Run-this-way Escape Plan?
Watering Hole Signage
Bullseye Bodega Reveals Itself
This-Just-In Faceout Tag
Label Strip Substitutes for Sign
Patricia Nast® Maps Retail Territory at Macys®

For Index Directionals see…

” Rago Bros Index Vintage Directional Sign
Axelrad Sidewalk Sign With Index Directional

For all Navigation and Wayfaring resources…

Amenities: In-Store Navigation Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Navigation Amenities Index Page” for all resources and links

Navigation IN-Store Fixtures Close Up Pinterest Board

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