Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler

Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler Courtesy of Snoop Dogg and

Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler

Shades of Zig-Zag! This Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler is a tester and point-of-purchase sampler promotion sure to stop traffic. Swing on by and get smoked-up here. Too bad it’s BYOM … Bring Your Own Marijuana. The retail point-of-purchase sample display promotes “Rolling Words‘” a smokable songbook of Snoop Dogg’s lyrics. Quoting the press on this rollout (pardon the pun)… It’s a fantastic brand extension for us, and totally captures the vibe and spirit of Snoop and our platform,” says Stampede Management strategic brand director Nick Adler. “We’re excited about the project and eager to see where it takes us.” Try the product if you can find a Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler in retail. I suspect they don’t last long.

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