Pantone vs Munsell Color System

Pantone vs Munsell Color System

Pantone vs Munsell Color Systems

Often shelf-edge label strip is a contrasting color to add life, branding, visibility, or as a department color-code navigational aid. Here the label strip was selected to match the fixture almost exactly. And getting extruded plastic (Munsell Color System) to precisely match other color for printing, paint or powdercoating (Let’s say a Pantone Color) can be a challenge. But typically the need for such a precise color match is not absolute, or for that matter, warranted cost-wise. A “commercially pleasing” color match suffices. Talk with your manufacturer about stock colors, standard colors, and precise color matches if you have an interest in color fixtures.

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Pantone vs Munsell Color Systems

Compare this monochromatic 
or single hue Blue-on-Blue motif to…

Black on Black Fixture Motif
Yellow Hooks Compliment Yellow Slatwall
Curve Creates Store-in-Store Merchandise Destination
Black and White Fixtures on White
Black Back Tags on Black Pegboard

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