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What better way to acknowledge a spectacular East Coast storm than by reviewing 20 ways to merchandise and fixture umbrellas for retail sales. The fixture trade news business is not as topically driven by current news than many others. But it can be a help to present timely summaries and reviews of what works and what doesn’t in rain gear sales. Also check out the retail raingear amenities posts far below.

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Umbrella Merchandising Fixtures

For individual Umbrella merchandising concepts reviews see…
Sidesaddle Umbrella Rack No. 1
Sidesaddle Umbrella Rack No. 2
Umbrellas Served Up In Glass
Umbrella Tower in Two Photos
Umbrella Waterfall Rack Arm for Grid
Umbrellas Offered in Wood Tray
Umbrellas Naked in Windrows
Adding Urgency to Fall Umbrella Sales
Corner Cube for Umbrellas
Objet D’art or Umbrella Stand
Umbrella Stand As It Should Be
Formal Umbrella Rack in Menswear
Dazzle Paint Retail Camouflage
No Dazzle Paint Here
Strip Merchandising Umbrellas
Canted-Front Umbrella Rack
Oversize Umbrella Trolley
Mobile Umbrella Mini Rack
Beech Umbrella Rack for Gondola
Umbrellas Sold Overhead?

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Amenities: Umbrella Courtesy Fixtures in Retail

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Umbrella Bags Offered in Two Sizes
Bloomies Best Bumbershoot Amenity
Mary Poppins Would Approve
Umbrella Bag As Retail Amenity