Shock Absorber Foamcore Sign

Shock Absorber Foamcore Sign

Shock Absorber Foamcore SignGiven the bendable nature of Foamcore, how best to attach it as a sign to Gondola Upright? I don’t know the best way, but this Shock Absorber Foamcore Sign concept is an interesting option. Metal plate is stamped and formed into a deep U-shape so that the Foamcore outriggers slip inside. Threaded fasteners finalize the attachment and spread vertical load as well as horizontal stress if bumped. Twin flanges left extended from the stamped metal plate become the upright stanchion mounts. But even more interesting are the stamped and formed “kickstands” that splay outward against the upright face as “shock absorbers” against more horizontal thrust. Between the flex of the Foamcore outrigger arms, and the springy metal kickstands, this Shock Absorber Foamcore Sign creation can soak up quite a deflection from passersby without cracking or bending failure.  See the thumbnail for an alternate look.

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