Slatwall Inserts in Color

Slatwall Inserts in Color Images Courtesy of Clive Williamson

Slatwall Inserts in Color

An interesting European Slatwall Inserts in Color concept. These color inserts will reinforce your slatwall and add a dash of color. Use a dark color for adding texture and drop shadowing, a light color to make the channel less visible, or fly your corporate colors across the store in-channel and along shelf edge with color label strip extrusions (see below). This concept brought to you by my good friend Clive Williamson from “over the pond” at I have not yet seen it offered in the USA but I am sure if you email Clive he would ship you a few to try out. He might even use it as an excuse to come over for a personal consultation on shop outfitting the the Euro-way. CLICK the thumbnail to see the Slatwall Inserts in Color web page and full color offerings. Don’t forget to tell Clive I said “Hi.”

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