Compostable Bags Retail Recycling

Compostable Bags Retail Recycling

Not a fan of plastic bags? There’s a solution for that. Try this Compostable Bags Retail Recycling in the form of paper tote bags for grab-and-go Produce. Call me old fashioned but I actually think the paper projects more of a quality statement than plastic … Plus its renewable, recyclable and sustainable. Want even less environmental impact? Use the brown paper bags shown so your paper pulp needn’t be bleached white! Maybe even visit the sustainability-award-winning manufacturer at Packaging Containers, Inc. Pardon me for pointing you to an item I have not yet seen in person. My Pennsylvania location is quite a distance from this Oregon-based firm.

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Compostable Bags Retail Recycling
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Compostable Bags Recycle Retail

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Compostable Bags Retail Recycling

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