Jaw Bite Jeans Display Concept

Jaw Bite Jeans Display Concept


Jaw Bite Jeans Display ConceptChain fittings meet industrial chic in this Jaw Bite Jeans Display Concept that includes shoefetti sneaker highlights. This find harkens back to ruthiauda.com by way of the Visual Merchandising Pinterest Board of Samantha Blue. Many thanks for this extension to the multiple FixtureCloseUp threads below. But first CLICK the Jaw Bite Jeans Display Concept thumbnail for another look. I have heard this chain fitting called a “Jaw Bite,” but others call it a “Gyve,” “Shackle” or more precisely a Bow Shackle with Screw Pin. Here it performs the duties of an S-Hook. If you can classify it better leave a comment.

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Jaw Bite Jeans Display Concept
” Viva Farms Turnbuckle Table Support

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Bow Clevis D-Shackle Bar-Mount Display Hooks
Jaw-Bite Super-Duty Bar-Mount Display Hooks

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