I’m not sure the significance of the numbers other than the implication these are the to 10 of “Bobbi’s Biggest Hits.” But they did make a different and distinctive display. now the challenge becomes what threads and tags to file them under. CLICK the thumbnail for a close look, then move on below.

Letter- rather than number-based locating see…
In Store GPS Alternative

For the academics of number use see…
How Use Numbers to Engage Your Customers

For color-coded not letter- or number-coded see…
Shopping by the Numbers
Color-Coded Sports Retailing
Foster Grants Color-Coded
Foster Grants Shun Color Code
Color-Coding Without Color Legend
Near-sighted not Color Blind
Color-Coding Diopter Strength
Plastic Uniweb Butterfly Hook Display
Color-Coded Prices at Shelf Edge
Color-Coded Pricing Signholder
Color-coded Savings.”
Color-Coded Product and Point-of-Purchase
Color-Coded Back Tags
Odd Label Holder Violates Silhouette
Plastic Uniweb Butterfly Hook Display
Color Code on Butterfly Hook
Glass Shelf Overlay Offers Color-Coded Sign

For a summary via Pinterst see…
Color-Coded Retail

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