I love the look of these Straight-Entry Flip-Front Scan Hooks on All-Wire Psuedo-Bar Merchandiser. The detail adds something “tech” to this electronics specialty retailing. But given that these hook backplates can easily rotate up and out, I question their ability to stay in place in a busy store. Passersby and shoppers are sure to jostle out of position or even dislodge. Though less tech I might recommend a Clip-on Scan Hook, that grips a Flat Bar Merchandiser. You would still gain the infinite horizontal adjustability of Bar Systems and better grip, though I would bemoan the loss of tech image. When would I use this technique? If all my stores were completely outfitted with this style of Straight-Entry Hook, chain-wide efficiency might be better served using the same hook style for Bar mount too. Plus the hook and bar length here are short, keeping the assemblage within the perimeter of the gondola base decking, where it is less likely to snag a sleeve or skirt.

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