Coming from the store fixturing side, I prefer permanent point-of-purchase hardware. But to give the Devil his due, there is something to be said for temporary POP, particularly if you are the Consumer Product Manufacturer looking to court both the retailer and consumer. So here is more than equal time for Cashwrap and queue stanchion sales via temporary corrugated POP display. CLICK the gallery thumbnails for a better look at each.

Compare and contrast…
Plastic Bowl, Bulk Bin Tower at Cashwrap
China in Vertical Tower
Stanchions as Selling Tools
Stanchion Selling Tool Redux
Glass Bowl Bar Mounts

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Kleenex Temporary Stanchion POP
Blistex Temporary Stanchion POP
Equate Temporary Stanchion POP

COMPARE the Blistex marketing with…
Burt’s Bees via Gravity Feed
Burt’s Bees via PowerWing
Burt’s Bees Brand Busy as a Bee

Also CONTRAST with…
Top-load Lipstick Auto Feed