Eggo Syrup Cooler-Door Display

Eggo Syrup Cooler-Door Display

Eggo Syrup Cooler-Door DisplayIf I were Eggo I would do just this. I would capitalize on my well-known brand and existing advertising to launch a must-have Syrup line … then create custom fit, Eggo-only point-of-purchase fixtures to sell it from the cooler door, right in front of my flagship product. Bravo Eggo and your marketing staff and P•O•P agency. Now if only I could do something equally smart to leverage my FixturesCloseUp brand. Ideas and investors welcome. Meanwhile CLICK the thumbnail for closeup views of the fixture execution. Note that not only are your offered “Original” but also cross sold to “Buttery” Eggo Syrup. Mrs. Butterworth beware! Follow this fixture as it ripples through the industry at “ Kellog Eggo Wire Rack

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