Wiper Rack Microcosm For Merchandising

Wiper Rack Microcosm For Merchandising


Wiper Rack Microcosm For MerchandisingAuto part stores have full-gondola displays for windshield wipers. But if you are going to sell wipers in a Dollar Store environment, you are going to have to provide some manner of point-of-purchase Wiper Rack Microcosm For Merchandising the family of sizes. This multi-tier, stepped-rack microcosm vends wipers from ranks of hooks. The rack itself also hangs as a hook from pegboard. Flip-front label holders allow individual facing identification and pricing. A rack-front application guide allows customers to look up their car and wiper make and model. Consider an angled view in the Wiper Rack Microcosm For Merchandising inset photo.

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Also See Graphic

Multi-Hooks are ganged Hooks that offer several product frontwires all attached to a common backplate. The number, length, and style of Product Frontwire can vary, as can the Backplate style and Vertical Display Surface supported. Multi-Hooks can be Display or Scan Hook in type.

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