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Hospitality Retail (freestanding or in-store) has a long promotional history. This advertising item, though totally up to date with QR Code, Facebook and more, is based upon the same ancient premise that supported placemat adverting in its day. People waiting for a meal to be served are bored and will read things … or scan beverage coaster QR Codes … just for something to do. Placemat advertising sold space to nearby businesses that hoped you would read of them while you dined. This coaster hopes you will get directly involved with the establishment you are in via QR and more. If I were a restaurant, would I do it? Yes. Do I know it effective? No, I cannot say. Leave a comment if you do. As an Adman I would have added spice by offering a money saving coupon if you linked to me via Social Media. The better you bait the hook, the better the fishing will be.

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