Burt's Bees PowerWing Straight-Entry Hooks

Burt’s Bees PowerWing Straight-Entry Hooks

Burt's Bees PowerWing Straight-Entry HooksIt’s not often I see the same product merchandised two different ways in the same store. Today relate this vertical Burt’s Bees PowerWing Straight-Entry Hooks example to a parallel post of Burt’s Bees in a micro gravity-feed system. Note in this incarnation different incompatible Straight-Entry Two-Piece Scan Hooks are employed. These hooks are available from multiple manufacturers, just make sure you match compatible competitors. First CLICK the thumbnail here for another view.

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Burt’s Bees PowerWing Straight-Entry Hooks
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Rulers Sold on Straight Entry Hooks
Straight-Entry Hooks Slip Into Slots
Slot Bar Mounted Over Slot Wall
Sign on a Straight-Entry Stick
Periscope Hooks Expand Display
Angled Straight-Entry Scan Hook
Straight-Entry Plastic Bin
Straight-Entry Wire Basket
Hinge-Mount Mop Rack
Straight-Entry All-Wire Dividers

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Continuous Strip Scan Hooks” and
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